Update 27th March 2024.

Knockeen Hills Poteen/Poitin

Responsible Drinking Policy

Knockeen Hills supports the policies of responsible drinking, promoted by all regulatory authorities in the countries appointed with distributors authorised to sell its products. This also supports those aims of the Portman Group in the U.K. and in particular, challenging drinks companies to raise standards of alcohol marketing and to be socially responsible.

The producers of Knockeen Hills triple-distilled Irish Poteen always encouraged the consumption of alcohol in moderation. In 1996 following the launch of the brand, they declined to directly advertise its products in the media, including advertorials. They also committed to strict adherence to regulatory label commitments. These policies remain.

Products will not be provided free of charge, or at discounted prices as a marketing tool. Additionally, where the Producer is advised that an outlet dispenses a Knockeen Hills Brand at a discounted price or allows it to be sold as ‘shooters’, which could encourage excess consumption, then every reasonable effort will be made to cease further supplying that outlet.

By incorporating within our labels, details of some of our awards won at International Spirit Competitions, they considered this would reassure consumers of the premium quality of our range of products. Knockeen Hills is the winner of fifteen awards from the I.W.S.C. including Ireland’s only spirit Gold medal awarded in 2003, together with four Silver Medals ‘Best in Class in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 awarded to every variety offered for sale to consumers. 

The Gold Medal award included the following narrative from David Wrigley MW, Chair of the Competition’s Technical and Judging Committee, and Director of the WSET. ‘A gold medal is a serious award, which essentially describes a world-class product. There are some product categories that do not really lend themselves to this accolade: basic neutral table wines for example. In other words, there is a judging context of global quality in the back of judges minds’.

After the Gold Medal award with the narrative above, the producers considered that there should be a world-wide unquestionable overriding duty to establish a further example of responsible drinking, by strictly adhering to bottle labelling regulations. This has been further supported, by never wherever reasonably possible associating itself with any products that breaches these regulations.

On the 17th of April 2019 the EU published Regulation 2019/787 which classified a spirit drink as ‘an alcoholic beverage provided it did not fall within a Commodity Code commencing with 2207’. This Commodity Code had previously been used in the production of our range of poteens for nearly 20 years which had to cease immediately.

In 2023 a new brand Knockeen Hills Poteen ™ was produced, using the identical specification contents as Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen© and with similar bottle labels, though removing any reference to production in Ireland.

On the 27th of March 2024 in accordance with the ‘Windsor Framework’, under the ‘UK Internal Market Scheme’ an authority by HMRC was issued to Knockeen Hills Spirits Ltd., permitting the importation and sale of ‘finished’ alcoholic spirit drinks into Northern Ireland, and subsequently for sale in the EU Customs Area, with distillate categorised within the Commodity Code 220710009. This re-established the regulatory authorised sales position of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen© 90% vol. Gold Extra-Strength, and its successor Knockeen Hills Poteen™ 90% vol. Gold Extra-Strength, prior to EU Regulation 2019/787. The identical policy of ‘Responsible Drinking’ will apply to these sales.