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Since 1996
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Family-Owned since 1996

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Family Ownership

Since 1996

Knockeen Hills is a small, family-owned family brand, cherished and operated by its founders. It is committed to staying within the family, ensuring that it will be handed down to the next generation, preserving its heritage and values.

Product Ingredients

These products are of the highest quality available, featuring exclusively triple-distilled, domestically produced Irish distillate. Each ingredient is carefully selected, combining only organic or natural flavorings to ensure a premium and authentic experience. This meticulous process guarantees that every offering meets the highest standards of excellence and purity.



Versatility in use is the ethos prior to production, and the outstanding range of suitable cocktails confirms its appeal, either as a separate or shared base.

The I.W.S.C. Gold Medal awarded to their Farmer’s Strength variety was accompanied by the following statement:- gold medal is a serious award, which essentially describes a world-class product. There are some product categories that do not really lend themselves to this accolade: basic neutral table wines for example. In other words, there is a judging context of global quality in the back of judges’ minds’ David Wrigley MW, Chair of the Competition’s Technical and Judging Committee, and Director of the WSET.

Responsible Drinking Policy

Our comprehensive Responsible Drinking Policy is a key component of our commitment to promoting safe and responsible alcohol consumption. This detailed policy outlines our guidelines and best practices for responsible drinking. To ensure its relevance and effectiveness, the policy is thoroughly reviewed and updated annually, reflecting the latest research, regulations, and societal trends. Through this rigorous process, we aim to uphold the highest standards of responsibility and care in our practices and communications.

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Brands Reputation

This was established over 25 years ago, and since then, it has consistently maintained its ultra-premium boutique nature and appeal. Catering to discerning consumers who demand the highest quality alcoholic spirit drinks, the brand has upheld its commitment to excellence and exclusivity. Throughout the years, it has continued to attract and satisfy a clientele that values superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality in their spirit selections.

Product Information

A range of ultra-premium spirits. G.I. protected status spirits. Elderflower 'London Cut' Dry Gin, Heather 'London Cut' Dry Gin and Irish Poteen/Poitin*

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Knockeen Hills

fine Spirits since 1996