Knockeen hills spirits


since 1996

The Windsor Framework (Constitutional Status of Northern Ireland) Regulations, UK Statutory Instruments 2024 No. 164

HMRC on the 27th of March 2024 authorised Knockeen Hills Spirits Ltd., to export to, and for sale in, the EU Customs Area all alcoholic spirit drink products, containing distillate classified as commencing with Commodity Code No. 2207 either ‘duty suspended’ or ‘in bond. This includes the product Knockeen Hills Poteen™ Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol., awarded the I.W.S.C. Silver Medal (Best in Class).  

This authority was in accordance with the ‘Granting of UK Internal Market Scheme’ as set out in The Windsor Framework (Constitutional Status of Northern Ireland) Regulations, UK Statutory Instruments 2024 No. 164 This superseded the previous restriction applying to such products in Regulation (EU) 2019/787 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019.


16th September 2023

Knockeen Hills Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. poteens were first produced in 1998. HMRC together with The Irish Revenue Commissioners accepted their inclusion within a Commodity Code No. commencing 2207. ‘In 2015 the EU in legislation advised that case sales worldwide by 2025 would exceed 1 million cases.’ “This was excellent news for dairy farmers in Ireland. Based on the products reputation, unreservedly endorsed by their three varieties, each winning either a Gold Medal or Silver Medal (Best in Class) at the world renowned I.W.S.C. (International Wine and Spirts Competition), these could reasonably account for 50% of the total market and use over 84 million litres of dairy milk each year. However, 4 years later in EU Regulation 2019/787, the distillate’s commodity code number commencing 2207 used, was removed for use in alcoholic spirit drinks for the EU customs area. The substantial loss of market share for the Irish dairy sector, would then become a benefit to other agriculture sectors. It is also now illegal to sell Knockeen Hills Poteen Gold Extra-Strength produced on the UK mainland in the EU and its Customs area, including Northern Ireland, and Malta. Effectively there is EU Prohibition of a UK mainland produced Poteen variety.” A Statement was published in the Belfast Newsletter, edition of 16th September 2023

There are no similar restrictions on the sale of the Knockeen Hills Poteen™ following varierties:- Farmer Strength 60% vol. (I.W.S.C. Gold Medal Winner), and Gold Strength 70% vol. Silver Medal Winner {Best in Class}.

Statement of unqualified support for Ukraine

None of our products will be supplied to Russia, Belarus, China, India, and all other countries, declining to condemn Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine at the United Nations.

Summary of views by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: ‘Sovereignty is non-negotiable’.

Irish Poteen/Irish poitin was recognised as a heritage-based spirit in its own right and has been awarded Protected Geographical Indicative Status (G.I.) by the EU.

However, those products made over 20 years ago, and in continuous production since then, may use an even higher strength distillate, providing an increased level of purity. Only one brand, being Knockeen Hills, is currently in this category and at least 99.9% of its spirit content is sourced direct from Irish domestically produced distillate. It is also the only Irish poteen/Irish poitin exclusively using Irish domestically produced distillate. whey distillate, resulting in a unique very soft delivery of the spirit on the palate. All products in the range, have been awarded at least a Silver Medal (Best in Class), by the International Wine & Spirit Competition and a total of 15 medals have been won.